Our Team

John Paul and Carolyn Westin


The Leadership Team wholeheartedly affirms  the call of John Paul Westin to the role of Lead Pastor of Saint John Vineyard and believes that God has many great things in store for us as a community under the leadership of John Paul and Carolyn Westin.

John Paul brings many years of experience, a heart for the poor,  and a clear call to grow and deepen in both his own ability to walk as a follower of Jesus and to help us to do the same by guiding us in a ways of spiritual renewal that is both practicable and fitting to the challenges and possibilities of our busy lives.

Carolyn and John Paul Westin met and fell in love while studying theology together in Toronto. They were married after graduation and have lived and served in Anglican and Lutheran congregations in three countries, coming to Saint John in 2013 from St. John's NL where they had been for 12 yrs.

Carolyn is a counsellor therapist and John Paul will now co-pastor Saint John Vineyard and St. John's (Stone) Church. They live in the South End, have three grown daughters (Anna, Miriam and Lucia) and a golden doodle (Harry), and are excited to see and be part of what Christ is doing to open the kingdom of God to our city.


Jamie and Colleen Higgs


Jamie and Colleen Higgs are world travellers, family focused, strong leaders, generous, compassionate and that is only a few of their many talents and skills!  We have been blessed to have them on our leadership team the past year, though they will soon be moving to Ontario for Jamie's new job opportunity.

We waited patiently over the years as they travelled for work to have them join us on our leadership team. When they were abroad or home for a season, they were always active in our church, supporting other ministries, being a huge part of revamping our Kids Church and volunteering where needed or sending quick emails encouraging others and asking if any help was needed from afar. 

Colleen is a gifted writer and wrote about the many aspects of living abroad and shares on her website many thoughts on parenting. Not to be missed!

Jamie and Colleen have five beautiful children, Kayleigh, Kate, Garrett, Luke and their newest little one, baby Hunter. 



Andrew Glidden

Andrew Glidden

Coming from a long line of bearded men, Andrew moved to Saint John 5 years ago. Courtney, his wife of 11 years, is the children’s ministry facilitator at Saint John Vineyard and is an overall super mom of their three beautiful children. 

Andrew has a variety of ministry experience including youth ministry, church planting, preaching, leadership development and denominational work. He is the co-founder of the largest youth conference in Atlantic Canada (One Conference), and he has developed numerous resources to help churches reveal the Kingdom of God in their neighbourhoods. He currently works with the team at Outflow to help develop a social enterprise (Catapult Coffee and Studio).   

Andrew likes to pretend that he’s an “outdoorsy” kind of guy, but really he enjoys sitting down and reading the instructions to board games.



Wendy Pottle 

Pottle, Wendy bw

Wendy has been a happy part of our community for over 10 years and part of the Vineyard family for 20 years. She has a heart for the poor and marginalized and a strong passion for prayer. Wendy works part-time as our Office Administrator coordinating all of the church's communications and behind the scenes operations, while providing support to the Pastor and assisting the ministry leaders of Saint John Vineyard. In addition, Wendy serves on the Leadership Team and leads our Compassion Ministry, which includes our Food Pantry and our Outflow community supper each Monday and community outreach. Wendy and her husband Andrew, have four amazing children Ben, Sam, Jack and Ella.


Kurt & Katie Frank

FranksKurt and Katie have been a part of the SJV community for over eight years, but have been connected to the wider Vineyard family for over twenty years. They are also part of the regional team for Vineyard Canada. Besides serving on our Leadership Team, Kurt and Katie are a vital part of our children's ministry and Kurt serves on the Teaching Team and oversees our Worship community. The Franks bring gifts of leadership, teaching and administration to the roles they have at SJV. They are a picture of faithful perseverance and love to laugh and make people laugh! Kurt and Katie have three children: Sam, Olive and Lucas.