Jesus Faces Opposition in Groups

Josh Keliher will continue our new teaching series “Jesus in the Midst of Small Groups” for the season of Epiphany teaching from Luke 4:21-30 on “Jesus Faces Opposition in Small Groups”. 


Jesus Faces Opposition in Groups

  1. What was the symbol or sign of having "made it" in your hometown?
  2. When was a time you felt rejected? How did you deal with it? How did Jesus deal with it?
  3. If all five areas of Jesus' mission (see verses 18,19) are to be carried on by the Church as a whole, which area of concern do you give priority and which do you tend to neglect: 

(a) Preaching the Gospel?

(b) Helping people to be free to live for God?

(c) Performing acts of mercy?

(d) Working for fair and just social structures?

(e) Explaining God's grace to his heartened people? 

  1. Who are the "Gentiles" (2:32) God desires you to care for? How might you do so?