Cleaned Up Lepers

Oct 6, 2019 by: John Paul Westin | Series: Now But Not Yet | Category: Sunday Scripture: Luke 17:11–17:19 Tags: Jesus, friendship, faith, hope, Lepers, judgment

John Paul Westin continues our new series "Now But Not Yet" which will take us through until the end of November. The series are clearly related as Jesus teaches his disciples about the kingdom of God so that when the Holy Spirit comes they will be empowered to living in it, the kingdom of God, here on earth, as one day in heaven. The teaching and practical insights he gives them about how he lives in the Kingdom, provide the guidance they (we) will need to live there as well. 

Questions for Personal and Small Group Considerations on the Sunday Gospel Reading 

To start your small group conversation…

  1. When it comes to thank you notes or calls, are you: (a) Ms. Manners? (b) Sir Sometimes? (c) Father Forgetful? Why?

To share the scripture…

  1. What is it like to be a leper? What would healing mean?
  2. As one of the nine, how would you rationalize not going back to Jesus to say thanks?
  3. What is significant about the one being a Samaritan?

To close the meeting…

  1. How do you express your gratitude to Jesus?