Kingdom Come!

Nov 24, 2019 by: Josh Keliher | Series: Now But Not Yet | Category: Sunday Scripture: Luke 23:33–23:43 Tags: Jesus, faith, Advent, hope, kingdom, Forgiveness, sacrifice

Josh Keliher ends our fall teaching series teaching from  Luke 23:33-43 on "Kingdom Come!".           

Questions for Personal and Small Group Considerations on the Sunday Gospel Reading 

1.    What attitudes and motives do you see in the crowd following Jesus’ death march to the cross? In the rulers? The criminals? The soldiers? The sign maker (v. 38)? In Jesus?

2.    What aspects of the gospel message do you see in 40-43?

3.    How do you view the crucifixion: Necessary evil? Cruel and unusual punishment? Sacrifice for sin? Triumph over injustice? Why?

4.    When did the meaning of the death of Christ begin to make sense to you?

5.    How would you explain the Crucifixion to a non-Christian friend?

6.    Who in this story do you identify with most? With least? Why?

7.    How do people today similarly reflect the profound misunderstanding expressed in v. 35?