Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We think the mission of every church should be the mission Jesus gave to all of his followers to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). To make disciples means to participate with God in bringing people into a new relationship with Jesus and then helping them grow in that relationship.

The mission of Saint John Vineyard is to be a community of people who are "helping one another live and love like Jesus."

Our Vision

Our vision is for the city of Saint John to be transformed through the power and love of Jesus.

We think the best way to see this vision South Endbecome a reality is by focusing on neighbourhoods.

Since our beginning, Saint John Vineyard has been building a neighbourhood presence in the South End. As we look to the future, our dream is to see a network of neighbourhood communities established throughout the city, working together for the common good and transformation of Saint John.

It's big. Maybe even a little audacious. But isn't anything worth giving your life to?