What to Expect

As friendly as most churches hope to be, we know it takes some guts to visit a new place for the first time. It can bring up a lot of questions. How should I dress? Will anyone talk to me? Will everyone know what's going on but me? Will my kids like it (and be well-cared for in a safe environment)? Will I have to do anything embarrassing? Will they ask me for money? Is it okay if I don't believe what everyone else believes? This is our attempt to answer some of those questions and hopefully make you feel more at home if you choose to visit.

Each week, many people visit the Vineyard for the very first time. So relax, you're in good company. We try our best to make it as welcoming as possible for our first-time guests. We dress casually and the atmosphere is informal and family-friendly. If you bring your kids, we don't expect them to sit still or be silent. And whatever your thoughts about God, you are welcome here.

When you arrive at our building, you will be greeted at the door with a warm smile and a copy of The Loop, a program giving you a brief rundown of what's happening. We don't have assigned seating. Nobody will kick you out of "their" seat. You are free to sit wherever you like.

At 11:30 a.m., our host will begin by welcoming you and inviting God to be with us while we gather. Then the band will lead us in a few simple songs to Jesus for about 30 minutes. The words to the songs are projected on a screen, so you can sing along (if you want). Some people like to to stand, others sit. Do whatever is most comfortable for you.

After the music, we'll plug a few events and take an offering. As a guest, please don't feel any pressure to give. The offering is a way for our regulars to support the mission and vision of the church and to give back to God a portion of what He has given us. Then we'll dismiss our children (birth through 5th grade) to their classroom environments where our trained volunteers will greet you and lead them in age-appropriate programming. Following the announcements, we take a short break to enjoy a free cup of coffee while we connect with one another.

Next, someone will speak from the bible for 30-40 minutes. We try hard to make our messages relevant and practical to those who are listening. But don't just take our word for it, listen before you visit. At the end of the message, the person speaking will often pray and/or give an invitation for people to respond. Once the speaker has wrapped up, parents are encouraged to pick up their children.

All in all, our gathering runs about an hour and a half. We're not in a hurry to leave though, so feel free to stick around to listen to the music, have someone pray with you, or meet some new friends.

We hope to see you soon!